Banksy launches inflatable migrant boat artwork during Idles’ Glastonbury set

I am not sure if i think it was a good move or not but probably not a place to announce where your politics lie.


It has been revealed that the street and performance artist Banksy was behind a stunt during Idles’ set at Glastonbury, when an inflatable life raft holding dummy migrants was launched across the crowd.

Many in the crowd believed it to be part of Idles’ show, dovetailing with the Bristol punk band’s lyrics about immigration, criticism of rightwing governance and calls for empathy. But a representative for the band announced on Saturday that the boat was created by Banksy, and the band weren’t aware of the stunt until after the set.

The raft, a reference to the small boats carrying migrants across the Channel that have been such a high-profile target of Rishi Sunak’s immigration policy, was crowd surfed through the thousands-strong Other stage crowd, which Idles were headlining on Friday night. (read more here)